Top 10 child stars in China-Zhang Yishan

December 4, 2012 2 comments so far
Zhang Yishan

Zhang Yishan

Date of Birth: May 5, 1992

Zhang Yishan, born in Beijing, began his acting career when he was only nine years of age. He became a highly-popular child star in China for his comedic performance in the four seasons of the large-scaled sitcom hit series “Home with Kids,” which hit national TV screens in 2004. There, he deeply impressed the Chinese audience with his portraying Xia Xue’s younger brother Liu Xing, a naughty but witty trouble-maker. Zhang, with his his facial features that resemble those of well-established Chinese actors Jiang Wen and Xia Yu, has become a favorite with Chinese directors. He has played in some twenty Chinese films and TV series, including the 2009 production “Looking for Jackie,” starring veteran actor Jackie Chan, and “Beginning of the Great Revival” in 2011. Zhang is also a sophomore at the Beijing Film Academy.

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