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    Southern and Northern Dynasties

    The Northern and Southern dynasties lasted from 386 to 589. During the Northern Dynasty (386-581), the Northern Wei was split into the Eastern Wei and Western Wei. Later, the Eastern Wei was replaced by the Northern Qi, while the Western Wei was c... 
  • Eastern Han Dynasty

    The Eastern Han Dynasty lasted from 25 to 220. During the reign of Wang Mang, the emperor of the Xin Dynasty, Liu Xiu and his elder brother joined the Green Woodsmen Army. Liu later took the leadership and united other peasant armed forces. In 25,... 
  • Western Han

    As the first period of the Han Dynasty (206BC-AD220), the Western Han Dynasty (207BC-AD25) was established during the Warring States Period. Changxin Palace Lantern The Western Han was a strong and prosperous period in the Han Dynasty, with a fast... 
  • Western Jin

    Western Jin was the first dynasty to be overthrown by a Chinese minority ethnic group, the Huns. Before it was overthrown, Western Jin grew for 52 years, under the rule of four emperors. During the Three Kingdoms Period (220 AD – 280 AD), Sima Yi ... 
  • Qing Dynasty

    The Qing Dynasty was the second time when the whole of China was ruled by foreigners, the Manchu. The first time was during the Yuan Dynasty when China was controlled by the Mongols. The Qing Dynasty lasted from 1644-1911 A.D. The reigns of the fi... 
  • Ming Dynasty

    With a total of 16 emperors, the Ming Dynasty lasted 276 years, from 1368 to 1644. Zhu Yuanzhang, Ming Emperor Taizu, carried out a comprehensive reform of previous political, military and other systems. Zhu grasped the political, military and jud...